General Dr. Wilhelm
Leipzig, Germany
Leipzig, Germany


Wilhelm Schomburgk came from a wealthy family in Leipzig and was the brother of fellow lawn tennis player Heinrich Schomburgk. A gifted all-round athlete, Wilhelm Schomburgk as a young man played not only lawn tennis, but also football, field hockey and ice hockey. He studied law at the University of Leipzig, obtaining his doctorate in 1907. In 1902, he had been a co-founder of the Deutscher Tennis-Bund, or German Tennis Federation; he became president of this organisation in 1934, but resigned his post in October 1937 due to differences of opinion with the Nazi authorities. Wilhelm Schomburgk was part of the resistance to the Nazis during World War Two, and remained in his home city of Leipzig after the war even though it was located in what became East Germany. This meant that most of the Schomburgk family’s wealth and businesses located there were expropriated by the communists when they took power after the war.


Archive statistics 1901 - 1925

Tournaments Netherlands International Championships - 1925 Championships of Hamburg - 1924 German National Championships - 1922 Championships of Saxony - 1914 Homburg - 1910 Baden-Baden - 1908 Essex Championships - 1906 Cinque Ports Championships - 1906 Chichester - 1906 Crystal Palace - 1906 German International Championships - 1905 Championships of Hamburg - 1905 Pöseldorf Prize - 1905 German National Championships - 1905 Heiligendammer Cup - 1901 Voss Cup - 1901

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