General Lucien
Territet, Montreux, Switzerland
Territet, Montreux, Switzerland


Lucien Chessex was the son of Ami Rodolphe Chessex (1840-1917), a businessman and administrator and native of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, and Rose (Rosine) Chessex (née Emery; 1847-1921). Lucien Chessex obtained a doctorate in law and later worked as a lawyer. On the death of his father in 1917, he took over some of the positions the former had previously held. Lucien Chessex married Adèle Cuénod in 1920 and they had four children together, including the tennis player Marc Chessex (b. 1923).

From the Gazette de Lausanne, 11 May 1967:

The death occurred on Tuesday of Mr Lucien Chessex, who was 87 and had started out as a lawyer in Montreux in 1911. He played an important role in the life of Montreux as an administrator and as the head of several companies. He was notably head of the Mechanical Construction Workshops/Ateliers de Construction Mécanique in Vevey, the Print Works in Corbaz, Montreux, the Romany Electricity Company/Société Romande d'Electricité, the Power Plant and Waterworks/Forces Motrices de la Grande Eau in Geneva, the Territet-Mont Fleuri Hotel, and the Chemin d’Aigle-Leysin railway company in Chablais.


Archive statistics 1907 - 1942

Tournament wins 1908 - Swiss National Championships (Open)

Tournaments Lugano - 1942 Lugano - 1913 Montreux Territet - 1913 Swiss International Championships - 1910 French Switzerland Championships - 1910 Caux - 1910 Engadine Championships - 1910 Lille - 1909 French Switzerland Championships - 1908 Les Avants - 1908 Swiss National Championships - 1908 Swiss International Championships - 1907 French Switzerland Championships - 1907 Engelberg - 1907 Swiss National Championships - 1907 Engadine Championships - 1907

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