General Jean-Georges Étienne (Étienne)
Saint-Cloud, France
Bois de Fosses, Verdun, France


Étienne Siry, as he was known, studied in Paris before becoming a foreign exchange broker. He also spent some time in Ragaz, Switzerland, and was ranked among the best ten international players in 1906, based on results from tournaments held in Germany. In 1911, he married Denise Marie Madeleine Worth, known as Colette, sister of fellow lawn tennis players Jacques and Jean Worth. During World War One, Étienne Siry served as captain with a Battalion of Chasseurs à Pied, a type of light infantry unit. He was mortally wounded on the frontline in Bois de Fosses, Verdun, early in the morning of 6 February 1918. Knowing he was about to die, his only worry was that the German enemy might not be defeated. He passed away in the ambulance that had come to take him to hospital. He was subsequently awarded the Croix de Guerre (War Cross) and made a Knight of the Legion of Honour.


Archive statistics 1900 - 1913

Tournament wins 1901 - Championships of Bonn (Amateur)

Tournaments Les Championnats de Puteaux - 1913 Dieppe - 1909 Bad Ragaz - 1907 Bad Ragaz - 1905 Dinard - 1904 Dinard - 1901 Championships of Bonn - 1901 French Interschool Championships - 1900

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