General Adolf
Broese van Groenou
Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Wassenaar, Den Haag, Netherlands


He was the first dutch player to play at Wimbledon (1903). Broese van Groenou later became best known as the chairman of the tennis association from 1922 to 1938. As an architect, he designed the main building of the M.E.T.S. courts in Scheveningen, in full the Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van de Tennisbanen Scheveningen.

He also drew the old logo of the tennis association, which was then still fully called the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Lawn Tennis Bond. “My father designed the logo with a simple rationale,” his daughter said in 2003. “The tulip was a happy national symbol and the background color had to be orange, that made sense. Then he had to come up with another color for the tulip. Black was the best at that.”

In 2014, however, it was said goodbye, although the basic colors were maintained. “A beautiful logo with history,” said Robert Jan Schumacher as the union's communications manager, “but not very recognizable. Many people who have nothing to do with tennis think that this is the logo of the agricultural and horticultural organization. Also because of the L and the T in the name KNLTB underneath.”

And then every year De Zwarte Tulp is awarded to the tennis association of the year – an indirect legacy of the tennis player who was the first Dutchman to participate in Wimbledon.


Archive statistics 1895 - 1924

Tournaments Apeldoorn - 1924 Netherlands International Championships - 1916 Netherlands International Championships - 1911 Netherlands National Championship - 1911 Netherlands International Championships - 1910 Den Haag - 1910 Netherlands National Championship - 1910 Den Haag - 1909 Belgian International Championships - 1905 Netherlands National Championship - 1905 Netherlands International Championships - 1904 Homburg Cup - 1904 Den Haag - 1904 Wimbledon - 1903 Netherlands International Championships - 1903 European Championship - 1903 Netherlands National Championship - 1903 Netherlands International Championships - 1902 Netherlands National Championship - 1902 German International Championships - 1901 Homburg Cup - 1901 Netherlands International Championships - 1900 Netherlands National Championship - 1900 Netherlands International Championships - 1899 Netherlands National Championship - 1899 Netherlands International Championships - 1898 Netherlands National Championship - 1898 Hilversum - 1898 Den Haag - 1895

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