General Jonkheer Johan Willem (Wim)
Schorer Jr
Zierikzee, Netherlands
Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Ouder-Amstel, Netherlands


Born in Zierikzee into a family of local dignitaries, Jonkheer Wim Schorer attended grammar school in Haarlem between 1887 and 1894, followed by two years (1890-1892) at the elite institute Noorthey in Voorschoten. In 1891-1892 he was president and captain of 'Sportclub “Noorthey”', which practices cricket, football, tennis and cycling. Wim's older cousin Jacob Willem 'Wim' Schorer (1866-1936) has already been mentioned as a van Pims co-founders of Rood en Zwart. But also Wim Jr. is rarely absent from the blue and white team between 1892 and 1897. He is a member of Rood en Wit between 1890-1896 and chairman of H.F.C. from 1897 to 1899. He also plays 'bandy' (hockey on ice) for the IJsclub Haarlem en Omstreken, a sport that was initially more popular in the Netherlands than the country variant. During his law studies in Leiden, he was active in the student theater and the student ice club, and in the period 1895-1897 he was captain of the Leidsche Studenten Cricket- en Voetbal-Vereeniging. He obtained his doctorate on 28 April 1896, after which he became a lawyer and solicitor. After that he was active in golf for many years, in the Kennemer Golf Club, the Amsterdamsche Golf Club and, as one of the founders, in the Dutch Golf Committee.' (J. Luitzen, W. Zonneveld, How football appeared in the Netherlands. Rood en Wit, H.F.C., H.V.V. and their cronies 1880-1910 (2019).


Archive statistics 1902 - 1907

Tournaments Netherlands National Championship - 1907 Netherlands National Championship - 1905 Netherlands National Championship - 1904 Netherlands International Championships - 1903 Netherlands National Championship - 1903 Netherlands National Championship - 1902

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