General George
London, England


George Hetley was the son of Henry Hetley, a stained glass manufacturer, and Cornelia Hetley (née Lewis). George married an American widow, Jenny Eakin Stevenson, in Paris on 19 September 1884. He was a member of several lawn tennis and sports clubs in Paris, including the Société Sportive de l’Île de Puteaux, the Stade Français and the Decimal Boating (and Lawn Tennis) Club; at one point he was also president of the last-named club. For most of the 1890s, he earned his living as a commercial agent for several brands of bicycle made in Great Britain. In this respect, his company name was Cycles Le Globe/Globe Cycles, and its premises were located on rue Garnier in the western Parisian suburb of Neuilly. A huge fire that broke out on 2 September 1897 destroyed most of the building in Neuilly and left George Hetley in severe financial difficulties. He appears to have left the bicycle business soon after this occurrence.


Archive statistics 1889 - 1898

Tournament wins 1895 - Étretat (Amateur)
1894 - Stade Francais Cup (Amateur)

Tournaments French Covered Court Championships - 1898 French National Championships - 1898 Étretat - 1898 French National Championships - 1897 French Covered Court Championships - 1896 French National Championships - 1896 French Covered Court Championships - 1895 French National Championships - 1895 Étretat - 1895 Saint-Servan-Sur-Mer - 1895 Stade Francais Cup - 1895 French National Championships - 1894 Stade Francais Cup - 1894 French National Championships - 1893 Divonne-les-Bains - 1893 French National Championships - 1892 Dinard - 1889

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