General Martin Christoph Eberhard
von Haugk
Dresden, Germany
Saverne, France


The scion of the saxonian nobility and son of a Major joined the 1st Royal Saxonian Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr.100 (Dresden) in 1904/1905.During the Great War he also served as Adjudant of the Saxonian Military Plenipotentiary in the Great Headquarters where he certainly encountered the
Emperor Wilhelm II.,Paul von Hindenburg,Erich Ludendorff and other important persons of the military and political leadership regularly.After the war he had to leave the army and lived and worked in Dresden as a business man.He also was co-owner of the famous Art Gallery Neue Kunst Fides which
exhibited the works of artists like Max Beckmann,Otto Dix,Lyonel Feininger,Paul Klee,Wassily Kandinsky,Oskar Kokoschka and Emil Nolde.
In 1934 he rejoined the german army as a Major and served in the staff of the 4.Division in Dresden.In August 1941 he was promoted to the rank of Oberstleutnant and transferred to the General Staff of the German Military Governor of France in Paris.In January 1942 he received the promotion to the rank of Oberst (Colonel) and became Feldkommandant 677 in Poitiers.In this position he was territorial commander of the french Departement of Vienne until summer 1944.He was killed in action during the retreat of the Wehrmacht in Alsace-Lorraine.
Eberhard von Haugk saw his best days as a tennis player before the Great War.As a young Leutnant he was able to win the Kaiserpreis (later known as Wehrmacht Championships) in 1910 and 1912.After the war he still participated in tournaments.His name and address can be found in the Tennis-Handbuch 1925,1927,1929,1931 and 1937.


Archive statistics 1906 - 1935

Tournament wins 1912 - Wehrmacht Championships (Amateur)
1910 - Wehrmacht Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments Weisser Hirsch Championships - 1935 Merano - 1927 Merano Open - 1927 Championships of Saxony - 1914 Prussian Championships - 1912 Heiligendammer Cup - 1912 Prussian Championships - 1911 Championships of Berlin - 1911 Homburg - 1910 German International Championships - 1909 Championships of Hamburg - 1909 Cinque Ports Championships - 1906

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