General Herbert Vincent
Amwell, Hertfordshire, England
Kensington, London, England


From The Times, 17 August 1929:

Mr H.V. Reade

A correspondent writes: A nephew of Charles Reade the famous novelist, Mr Herbert Vincent Reade, whose death was announced in The Times yesterday, was educated at Haileybury School and Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and entered the Secretaries’ Office of the Board of Customs in 1894. The years that followed were an eventful period in Customs administration, witnessing the introduction of the sugar duties and the short-lived export duty on coal.

In 1908 he became the Principal of the Statistical Office and remained there until 1920, when he became head of the Intelligence Branch of the Department. In this capacity his Outstanding talents as a statistician and economist had full scope, and for several critical years his duties included the preparation of revenue estimates and advisory duties in connexion with the annual Budget.

At the time of his death he was Assistant Secretary, having control of Old Age Pensions administration and of many important matters connected with the proceedings of the League of Nations. He was made a C.B. in 1912.

A prominent member of the Alpine Club, he took an active interest in mountaineering, being well known as an intrepid climber in Switzerland and the French Alps. Though a man of reserved and almost shy demeanour, he was esteemed by all his official colleagues, and the better he was known the more he was loved.


Archive statistics 1894 - 1895

Tournaments Queens Club Tournament - 1895 Kent Championships - 1895 Gipsy - 1895 Middlesex Championships - 1895 Queens Club Tournament - 1894 Kent Championships - 1894 Gipsy - 1894

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