General Carlo Leone Edwin Gioacchino (Lionello)
Hierschel de Minerbi
Paris, France
Roma, Italy


The following piece was translated and adapted from the Italian Wikipedia entry on Carlo de Minerbi, which can be accessed here:

From a noble Triestine and Jewish family, Carlo Leone Hierschel de Minerbi was born in Paris in 1873, the son of Oscar Hierschel de Minerbi (1835-1908), a diplomat, and Emilie Hierschel de Minerbi (née Obermayer).

After dedicating himself to both football and tennis, and having obtained a degree in engineering, Carlo Leone Hierschel de Minerbi was active as a deputy from March 1909 to September 1919, during the 23rd and 24th governments of the Kingdom of Italy.

Hierschel de Minerbi was also a collector of art objects and an art dealer. In 1906, he bought the Venetian residence known as Ca' Rezzonico from Robert Barrett Browning, son of the poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. He carried out restoration work on the building, adapting the residence to his own tastes. Due to financial difficulties, he was later forced to sell the property. The related negotiations with the municipality of Venice began in 1931 and finally ended in 1935.

Hierschel de Minerbi was also the owner of the Palazzo Grimani of Santa Maria Formosa and of the Villa Foscari. After substantial negotiations, the Palladian villa was resold by him in 1926, to Albert (Bertie) Clinton Landsberg, with financial support from the patron Catherine d’Erlanger, wife of the banker Emile Beaumont d’Erlanger.

Carlo Leone Hierschel de Minerbi was the father of Oscar de Minerbi who also became a tennis player.


Archive statistics 1895 - 1914

Tournament wins 1899 - Trieste (Amateur)
1898 - Italian National Championships (Open)
1897 - Italian National Championships (Open)
1896 - Italian National Championships (Open)

Tournaments Bordighera - 1914 Engadine Championships - 1904 Homburg Cup - 1903 Luzern - 1903 Homburg International Championship - 1903 Homburg Cup - 1902 Homburg Coronation Cup - 1902 Swiss International Championships - 1899 South of France Championships - 1899 Trieste - 1899 Swiss International Championships - 1898 South of France Championships - 1898 Château-d'Œx - 1898 Queens Club Tournament - 1897 Gipsy - 1897 Italian National Championships - 1897 Homburg Cup - 1895

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