General Ernst-Arnošt
Brno, Czechoslovakia
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Ernst Gottlieb was born into a Jewish family in Brno, where his grandfather co-owned a factory that manufactured enamel utensils. (The Gottlieb family claimed German nationality.) Ernst served in the Czechoslovakian Army during World War I. After the war he worked in a company in Brno that manufactured rubber; he later became a director of this company.

Ernst Gottlieb was a registered member of the German Lawn Tennis Club in Brno, represented Czechoslovakia at the 1924 Summer Olympic Games in Paris and also represented Czechoslovakia in the Davis Cup. In addition to lawn tennis, he practised several other sports including rowing, cycling, fencing and skiing.

In 1939, Ernst Gottlieb emigrated to France, where he unsuccessfully attempted to join the French Army. In May 1940, he emigrated again, this time to Brazil, where his brother was already living. Ernst eventually settled in Sao Paolo, where he worked as a businessman.


Archive statistics 1923 - 1932

Tournament wins 1925 - Bratislava championships (Amateur)
1925 - Grand Hotel Panhans Championships (Amateur)

Tournaments Dresden - 1932 German Championships of Bohemia - 1932 Dresden - 1931 Austrian International Championships - 1929 Dresden - 1929 Championships of Berlin - 1928 Dresden - 1928 Wimbledon - 1927 Czechoslovakia National Indoors - 1927 Roland Garros - 1926 Austrian International Championships - 1926 German International Championships - 1926 Austrian International Championships - 1925 Grand Hotel Panhans Championships - 1925 Bratislava championships - 1925 Austrian International Championships - 1923

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