General Fritz Felix
Praha (Prague), Bohemia, Czechoslovakia
Seattle, Washington, United States of America


Fritz Pipes was born in 1887 in Prague, Bohemia, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He represented Austria during his lawn tennis career and, in 1912, notably won a silver medal with Arthur Zborzil in the men’s doubles event at the outdoor events held during the Summer Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden. Fritz Pipes was also an active member of the Austrian Lawn Tennis Federation, which was founded in 1902.

Between 1907 and 1913, Fritz Pipes played ice hockey for the Prague-based Deutsche Eishockey-Gesellschaft (German Ice Hockey Society). He enjoyed a great deal of success with this ice hockey club’s team, both nationally and internationally.

Fritz Pipes was Jewish and, following the Anschluss, or annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938, he emigrated to the USA with his wife. They originally lived in New York City, but later moved to Seattle in Washington State.


Archive statistics 1907 - 1929

Tournament wins 1909 - Bavarian International Championships (ATP World Tour 250 series)

Tournaments Hainz memorial - 1929 Austrian International Championships - 1913 World Hardcourt Championships - 1913 Austrian International Championships - 1912 Olympics, Olympic Games - 1912 World Hardcourt Championships - 1912 German International Championships - 1911 Wien (Vienna) - 1911 Austrian International Championships - 1909 Wien (Vienna) - 1909 Bavarian International Championships - 1909 Olympics, Olympic Games - 1908 Championships of Berlin - 1908 Championships of Lower Austria - 1908 Franzensbad - 1907

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