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Count Victor Voss was born on the family estate at Schorssow in today Northeastern Germany to the Hungarian countess Elise Szapáry. At the beginning of the 1890s, he learned to play tennis with the help of an American coach, winning the German championships three times in a row from 1894 to 1896, which were restricted to German and Austrian citizens at the time. In 1896, he was finalist at the Baden-Baden tournament which he lost to Reginald Doherty.

In 1897 he hired a coach named Burke and began to play in tournaments at the Riviera in winter. He reached the final at Nice in 1897 and Monte Carlo in 1898, but lost to Reginald and his brother Laurence Doherty, respectively.

In 1899, Voss traveled to the United Kingdom in order to take part in tournaments there. At the Irish Open, he lost his second round match against Frank Riseley in five sets. At Chiswick Park he lost against George Greville. He reached the final at Nice once again in this year, but lost to Laurie Doherty without having the slightest chance 0–6, 0–6, 0–6.

Voss usually played at the tennis facilities at Heiligendamm, where he frequently met with Russian Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna and countess Clara von der Schulenburg. He used to wrap a wet towel around his forehead while playing, as he said it would prevent his glasses from fogging.

A. Wallis Myers wrote about Voss: "He has a good forehand ground stroke and volleys well, but his service, though hard, is easy to take, he smashes only moderately, and his ground stroke is poor."

After losing to George Hillyard in the semifinals of the 1900 German championships, Voss retired from playing tennis tournaments. He now focused on his two other hobbies, auto racing and clay pigeon shooting. In 1911, he married a divorced Italian woman at New York. In 1928, he married Clara von der Schulenburg at Berlin-Grunewald. Despite his two marriages, Voss had 2 children Paula and Hans-Alexander with Francesca Ricci (His first wife). He died reclusively in his house at Waren in 1936.

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Archive statistics 1893 - 1900

Tournament wins 1899 - German National Championships (Amateur)
1898 - German National Championships (Amateur)
1896 - German International Championships ()
1896 - Championships of Hamburg (Amateur)
1895 - Championships of Hamburg (Amateur)
1895 - German International Championships ()
1894 - German International Championships ()

Tournaments South of France Championships - 1900 German International Championships - 1900 Homburg - 1900 German National Championships - 1900 Monte Carlo - 1899 Irish Championships - 1899 South of France Championships - 1899 German International Championships - 1899 European Championship - 1899 German National Championships - 1899 Heiligendammer Cup - 1899 Middlesex Championships - 1899 Fitzwilliam Plate - 1899 Monte Carlo - 1898 German International Championships - 1898 Homburg - 1898 German National Championships - 1898 Monte Carlo - 1897 South of France Championships - 1897 German International Championships - 1897 Monte Carlo - 1896 German International Championships - 1896 Homburg - 1896 Baden-Baden - 1896 Championships of Hamburg - 1896 Pöseldorf Prize - 1896 Austrian International Championships - 1895 French Covered Court Championships - 1895 South of France Championships - 1895 German International Championships - 1895 Homburg - 1895 Championships of Hamburg - 1895 Bohemian Championships - 1895 German International Championships - 1894 Championships of Hamburg - 1894 German International Championships - 1893

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